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Plumbing Leak Detection in Little Rock AR

An undiagnosed leak is one of the more concerning plumbing issues you can experience – if not located and repaired, the leak can potentially create a range of catastrophic damage to the structure of your building. From flooding your home and landscaping to the inevitable reduction in water pressure for other uses, and increased utility bills – especially if it is hot water that is leaking.

leak detection services


If you need help diagnosing the source or the existence of a leak (or an otherwise unexplained drop in water pressure), Sanders Services can help you with the very latest leak location technology with experienced professionals that have been entrusted with homes and businesses across Little Rock for almost 100 years. Being able to pinpoint the source of the problem accurately can save both time and money by localizing where repairs need to be made.

Our technology works both indoors and outdoors – wherever you think your pipework is leaking, we can identify what is causing the problem and repair it.

And for all your leak detection or slab leak repairs, you can count on our ‘Sanders Signature Service’ assurance of quality workmanship and service – it’s your guarantee of great service and warrantied workmanship. If you need help with your leak problems in Little Rock, call Sanders Services now.